75% Of Elderly People Choose To Stay At Home?




Are You Prepared?

75% of elderly people choose to stay at home in their golden years.

Do you have kids in college and your parents are getting older and need your help due to memory loss? THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. It provides easy to understand practical answers to help you help your elderly family members suffering from dementia. You are not alone!

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Caring for an Aging Loved One

If you are deciding how best to care for an aging loved one, WE HAVE A BOOK FOR YOU. It provides simple and easy to understand options for the best care. Don't feel guilty about the care you provide - get the answers in this book.

Do you know the questions to ask to help your elderly parents??

This book provides simple easy to understand practical answers to help you decide best ways to help your elderly family members suffering with memory loss and dementia. You are not alone in this.

This book will help you decide the best care for an aging love one. We break down the differences in each care model from the types to the cost. We provide step by step details for the assisted living facilities, skilled nursing homes and home health care options. You will be able to easily figure out the best care to provide.

✔️ Helps make the financially right choices
✔️ Know the difference between skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health care
✔️ We provide an outline of cost for each living arrangement to help you make the best decision for your loved one
✔️ How to pay for various care of your loved ones
✔️ We have information for veterans too

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Know The Difference!

Assisted Living Facilities - A system of housing and limited care that is designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities.

Skilled Nursing Home - Skilled nursing facilities can be extremely expensive for long-term stay. It is an in-patient rehabilitation center staffed with trained medical professionals.

Our book will explain the difference and the costs associated with each type of care. From caring at the home, the assisted living facilities to the skilled nursing homes. You will be able to decide for yourself which one would be the right fit.

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Customer Reviews

H. Frei - Very Informative
This book provided great information about the difference in having a caregiver at home and assisted living facilities. It gives you a lot to think about. I recommend it for everyone with elder parents.

Patrice D. - Good overview for those who need to know where to start
If you don't know where to start, this book will get you familiar with options and terminology. In a complicated and, often emotionally overwhelming, process that is very helpful.

Gulfcoaster- All the information needed to make knowledgeable decisions, and reduce the stress of deciding
This little book is worth its weight in gold both for the information in it and the peace of mind it brings. We are in our 60s and dealing with elder parents who really cannot care for themselves and each other on their own any more. We had read lots of advice and articles and ratings online, but Nan Wetherhorn's book gave us a wealth of practical information (including ranges of what some services are likely to cost). Now we are able to ask them the right questions about what they want, and are helping them find the best solution for everyone. Thank you, Nan, this is wonderful!


About Nan Wetherhorn

✔️ Nurse for over 30 years
✔️ Solid knowledge of U.S. healthcare system
✔️ Experience with pediatric and adult patients
✔️ Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University
✔️ Worked in major teaching hospitals in the US and Europe
✔️ Has worked with patients that have complex medical issues
✔️ A strong patient and family advocate


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Nan Wetherhorn's Experience

Healthcare is my calling. Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients take back control of their medical care with the right information, advice, and support.

What is a Healthcare Advisor/Patient Advocate?
A Healthcare Advisor- also known as a patient advocate- is a professional who provides the education, information, and tools needed to assist patients in making an informed decision. Better information leads to better outcomes regarding health care issues and treatment recommendations. Healthcare Advisors know how to navigate the present health care system to optimize care for the needs of their patients.

I have been a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit for more than 30 years where I developed a solid knowledge of and ability to work within the U.S. healthcare system. I have experience with both pediatric and adult patients in various medical areas such as cardiac care, neurology, surgery, and trauma.

From my 30 years experience as a nurse, I have many areas of strength including partnership building, strategic planning, conflict resolution; planning, coordination, and management of patients with complex diagnoses and multi-system failures. Most important as a Health Care Advisor, I am a strong patient and family advocate. I can work collaboratively with your medical team and function as a resource for team and family members both. I have the skills to work with the system to manage patient expectations and move toward achievable goals.